One Big Prize After Another, Bravat’s Mixer Presents Its Values


  • Good Design Award 2020 winner announced
  • Bravat’s Miranda wins 2 major international awards
  • Design aesthetics is becoming a new universal language of the world
News from Japan that the organizer of the Good Design Award announced the Award recipients for 2020 in October: one of those winners is Bravat Miranda Ozone Kitchen Mixer.

The Award organization started accepting entries for 2020 in April and, following the screening of 4,769 entries from 974 companies worldwide, a total of 1,395 award-winning works have been determined.

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In the past September, Bravat Miranda Ozone Kitchen Mixer was also awarded GOLD medal in the IDEA, one of the most authoritative design awards in the United States, becoming one of the few kitchen and bathroom hardware products that won this award in 2020.
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Japan Good Design Award (Short for “G-Mark”), founded in 1957, is one of the most authoritative design awards in Asia. On the other hand, IDEA has become the trendsetter of industrial design in Europe and America since it was founded in 1980.
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Although there are differences between the two awards’ backgrounds, the juries on both sides have considered ergonomic design and value to the users as some of the key points of evaluation.

Obviously, the evaluation criteria for the 2 major design awards are not just on the level of “good looks”, but also focus on the value that a product brings to users, the support it provides to living culture, and its influence on the global industrial design field. The reason why Bravat’s Miranda Ozone Kitchen Mixer won two major design awards at once not only lies in its good looking design, but more in its integration of its underlying humanistic concept and technological elements.

Specifically, Bravat’s award-winning Miranda Ozone Kitchen Mixer is a home disinfection system with a simple and pleasing appearance. 


It harnesses the power of ozone, a safe anti-microbial disinfectant, to turn your water into a powerful sanitizer. It quickly kills 86% of E. coli from your produce, gets rid of salmonella on chicken, and sanitizes your workstations. The Miranda also reduces chemical and non-synthetic pesticides from your vegetables and fruits. The FDA has approved of the use of ozonated water as a food disinfectant.
Press and hold the key on the bottom of the faucet for three seconds;
a green light flashes when the ozonated water has been activated.
It turns tap water into ozonated water by transforming oxygen into ozone and injecting it into the water.
Then simply wash your hands, food, or kitchenwares for few seconds to sanitize them.

It is safe for users and also is environmental because the only by-product is pure oxygen.

GLOBAL Aesthetic
Continuous output of products that satisfy the users

Originating in Germany in 1873, as the high-end brand of Dietsche Group, Bravat is a dedicated provider of high-end quality bathroom products and stylish space solutions.

“Inspiration Enriches Life”, with over 140-year professional experience in designing, developing and manufacturing of bath hardware, BRAVAT has consecutively winning international design awards such as iF, Reddot GDA, G-mark, IDEA etc.

The penetration of Bravat’s products into the global market is accelerating.

Being adopted by famous architectures of different styles from the East and the West is the result of Bravat’s consistent global development strategy and universal design.
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