Bravat, is on the way to the develop interior decoration industrialization
To the builder, the construction of a bathroom is merely an industrial product, while to the consumer, it is a part of a long-awaited part of home. Then can we complete the transition from roughcast to renovated bathroom in only four hours?
The answer is it’s completely doable, at least for Bravat.

With the rapid development of prefabricated construction in China, Bravat is also committed to studying the industrialization of interior decoration——that is, turning "decoration" into products by way of assembly line production in a factory. As long as the "finished decoration product" is put into the house, the ideal bathroom for consumers is also installed completely. This mode of industrialization is not only efficient, fast and economical, but can take into account environmental concerns and reduce pollution produced by decorations. 
Relying on the continuous adjustment of the industrial chain, supply chain and technical system, Bravat is on course for the industrialization of interior decoration. 
Industrial chain speeds up the process of interior decoration industrialization
Based on an optimistic outlook for the future of the prefabricated construction market, Bravat pioneers a new direction of industrial upgrading. In addition to the existing bathroom system and wooden storage system, our upgraded field is extending to cabinets, smart home and other fields, in order to adapt to the "ideal home" needs of our customers.
Bravat chooses to use functional components with modular design to meet the different area of household module combination in cabinet layouts. In addition, batch production of each component with industrial standards can also be realized to reduce the manufacturing cost and plate waste. As for the smart home layout, it is meticulously designed to meet consumer expectations of the "ideal home". For example, it incorporates a smart door lock that embraces both convenience and safety and can be conveniently unlocked by one’s fingerprint; smart voice navigation; smart clothes rack with automatic lifting, and features sterilization and disinfection.
Supply chain system speeds up the pace of interior decoration industrialization
Along with with front-end marketing, Bravat gives equal weight to back-end strength. This “leapfrog” of service should not be misconstrued as solely concentrating on after-sales service, but on the service of the whole supply chain system. 
Bravat's advantage in the supply chain lies in systematic control. It is possible that with the diversification of market channels, there will be a greater diversity of choices. With information tools that keep pace with the times and management system to deliver service, the "home service" system that Bravat is establishing can provide more refined services and realize the big picture in practice.
At the same time, while progressing in accelerating interior decoration industrialization, Bravat also focus on the production. The "No. 1 Logistics Center" of Bravat, can realize automatic unmanned warehousing and solve two major problems of the supply chain: 1) accurate delivery to the market. 2) space-efficiency is crucial for Bravat, as well as saving on labor costs. 
Research, development and upgrading of interior decoration technology to promote the growth of interior decoration industrialization
As a "trailblazer for interior decoration industrialization", Bravat, through the design of residential industrialization, combined with the research of parts selection and space design, has put forward a series of solutions for the development of domestic assembly architecture: the standard element system of housing (residential), the overall industrial production and matching integration. With our crucial innovative achievements that set the trends for interior decoration industrialization, including standardized design, industrialized production, fabricated construction and integrated decoration, barriers related to kitchen and bathroom decoration in the past have been tackled and eliminated.
With the appliance of integrated waterproof plate or waterproof plate combination, we are constantly developing Bravat Unit Bathroom, in order to form a cohesive space with flat-plate and roof. Not merely waterproofing, water supply, light environment, ventilation and other aspects are considered and coordinated to form an independent bathroom unit. We remain steadfast in our commitment to develop SMC arched ceiling system, integrated molding of herringbone construction and manhole design, which is easier to repair and more resilient.
From the industrialization of construction to interior decoration industrialization, this is the future of housing. Only by keeping up with the times and market demands, upgrading the industrial chain, supply chain and product quality, can Bravat lead the way in prefabricated construction. 
Enjoy your life with Bravat.