「Move-in Condition」Talent Apartment in Small Unit
·Inside area: 33.9 square meters
·Type: 1-kitchen, 1-bathroom, 1-bedroom, 1-living room, with balcony
·Suitable for: young white-collar workers in need of an exquisite life
·Design concept: sleeping area, leisure area and working area are unobstructed and occupy the bulk of the apartment, for we emphasize uninterrupted communication in a small space. Young people can meet and gather together freely here while ensuring a good night’s sleep. .
This type of apartment is popular among single young people, including couples. At present, the rise of small and medium-sized households and long-term rental apartments is creating more choices for the market of both fully decorated apartments and those of refined decoration. The owners of such single apartments focus on apartment investment and rental, house purchasing for the first time or self-occupation during a transitional period.
Bravat incorporates three major concepts into the overall design, including storage with woodwork, unit bathroom and a smart household. In addition, key parts of kitchen and bathroom have also been integrated into this simulated apartment of 33.9 square meters. That’s how we synthesize utility with aesthetics.
Feature 1: integrated unit bathroom
In the bathroom spanning 2.8 square meters, 1420 standard integral bathroom products have been implemented here. Integrated SMC plate and ceiling, as well as dry zoning are in place to realize better use of space. Bravat’s independent bathroom cabinet, smart toilet and constant temperature shower system are all included, making the bathroom a comfortable space to enjoy.
Feature2: supreme experience of electronic intelligent product
In order to meet young people’s "needs of being lazy at home", smart door locks, smart clothes hangers, smart toilets and other products have all been installed in the apartment. Electronic products can not only bring a greater sense of convenience, but also constitute a part of a humanized life.
Feature 3: the concept of integral simple kitchen
Have you ever imaged that the kitchen can be moved as though it were furniture? Indeed, Bravat used all-in-one woodwork to "install" a light kitchen inside the apartment. Kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, disinfection cabinets, sinks, induction cookers, etc., are included in the cabinet design, with the whole of the appliances coming together to function as a module, streamlining the entire cooking process.
Feature 4: wood made storage area with strong capacity
Embedded shoe cabinets and wardrobes have been built in the entire channel from the entrance to the leisure area, which can hold 30 pairs of shoes and dozens of sets of clothing and accessories. Coupled with the mirror cabinet door, getting dressed in the morning has never been easier!