The modern and professional

creation ensures every single

Bravat product to be aesthetical,

ergonomic and fits fluid mechanics.


BRAVAT highly refined brass and finer structure of product application

interprets great raw material providing effective prevention of leakage and

corrosion and stronger pressure resistance; that is why BRAVAT chooses

brass as the basic material for the faucets.



Quality Cartridges:

The imported cartridges are leakproof and durable.

brass as the basic material for the faucets.



With professional coating technologies, a layer of exclusive transparent

glaze is added on ceramic body. Through the ring process at 1250 ° C

temperature, this extra coating closely attaches to the ground coat and

enables the glaze to have fewer and thinner pinholes, which results in

a particularly smooth surface coating





Seamless Joint Technology: A perfect combination of bathtub body

and panel, representing simplistic beauty and ensuring easy cleaning.



For more detailed technologies, please refer to each product introduction.