A heritage of artistry in design and perfection in German workmanship 
As the sub-brand of Dietsche, hundred-year-history German brand, Bravat carrys the DNA of precision.Product Quality is the fundamental principal of Bravat.With over 20 years experience, we insist on the strict standards and requirements on material selection, technology, manufacturing and test.We collaborate with world class manufacturer, apply scientifically rigorous approaches on production and supply chain management. 
Bravat faucets are make from A+ grade high-purity copper from Australia, more durable and reliable.Plus 3 electroplated layers, Bravat faucet still reaches the top standard of plating after 200hours salt spray test. 
Bravat ceramic is vitrified by 1280 ℃ high temperature firing with 24hours. Reliable load-bearing with high density ceramic body 
With Nano coating, the glaze thickness reaches 1mm and the water absorption rate is less than 0.5%. It makes our ceramic dirt-resistant and remains lustrous over time. 
What you get from Bravat is not only the unique and stylish design, the quality is also ensured by German craftsmanship and the fully inspection process.