• Meissen One-pieced Toilet: Perfectly Adequatefrom:date:

    Mession One-pieced ToiletPerfectly AdequateApart from satisfying basic functional needs ,is there a toilet that is not only pleasant to the eyes,easy to clean,but is also eco-friendly and water-saving ...

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  • Source Faucet: Get Comfortable and Be Yourselffrom:date:

    Source FaucetGet Comfortable and Be YourselfWhat would you do when you find yourself all alone in your most private little world with Source? Why not:Apply all your senses to fully enjoy a moment of c ...

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  • Affability Faucet: Enjoy Your Time with Waterfrom:date:

    Affability FaucetEnjoy Your Time With WaterDo you fancy a masterpiece of bathroom products that is not only fabulous enough to show off, but is also cost-effective?Well then, it has to be BRA ...

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  • Bravat Wins Two Awards at 2015 Red Dot Awardsfrom:date:

    Bravat wins two awards at the 2015 Red Dot awards for its designed faucet and kitchen tap. The award ceremony recently takes place in Aalto-Theater in Essen, Germany on June 29th, 2015.The “Red Dot De ...

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  • Bravat Faucets Certified by German Water Testing Organizationfrom:date:2015-08-19

    26th June, 2015, seven of Bravat's best sellers gained DVGW certificates. The test results certify that Bravat faucets are safe and healthy to use.DVGW is the largest water industry certification body ...

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  • Sharp seriesfrom:date:

    Sharp, is unstoppable, representing a momentum of the sword. A sort of tolerance, reveal a certainty and self-confidence in her hands. Sharp series faucets as its name suggest, is the international br ...

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  • Gentleman's Walking stick - ARC Black Bow Series Faucetfrom:date:

    Gentleman, derived from the Knight spirit of 17 century, advocating traditional culture and self existing values, in pursuit of taste and humanized living mode, representing the new trend of thought o ...

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Bathroom concept from Bravat

Bathroom concept

People who know life,pay more time in bathroom.

People who know enjoyment,pay more thoughts in bathroom.

People who know fun,pay more space for bathroom.

feel the brand new concept of bathroom>