Bravat Won Red Dot Awards, Again

Highlight spots: As we all know, win a red dot award and the world will know your design capability. In 2016, without exception, Bravat honored to won 2016 red dot award again. It proved that Bravat has a great design reputation in the word .


The Red Dot jury of this year has 41 members, consisting of independent designers, design professors and specialist journalist. They judged every product according to the strict Red Dot statutes. It is believed that only outstanding achievements can receive special distinction.

Now, let’s feel the charm of award-winning products from Bravat:
Equatre:Innovative 4 in 1 Tap


DesignConcept:Equatre, one minimalist styling electronic tap delivers hot, cold, boiling, filtered, 4 water types from 1 spout with world leading technology. The control of 4 waterways is separated in 2 handles. Crystal clear handle on the left switch filtered/boiling water. With single touch, it shows blue light to indicate filtered drinking water. When you touch and hold for 3 seconds, it turns red to indicate boiling water. For safety, boiling water will stop immediately if there is not contact. Cold-start 2 stages handle on the right side controls hot/cold water. For energy saving, stage 1 offers cold water only. Hot water will be turned on in stage 2.


Innovative four flow system accomplishes in the same tap: natural cold & hot water,filtered cold & hot water 

CUP:Reinvent the Water Tap


DesignConcept: CUP is designed to react to contemporary needs and innovate in the use and form of the current water tap. The blade-like fountain cleanses more efficiently than standard faucet when a single user envelopes his/her hand around it. When shared in public spaces by multiple users, it cuts queueing time and water consumption significantly. CUP truly adapts to multiple cultures and lights up our imaginations: some have demanded it in mosques to reduce queues; in the entrance of houses to serve the Indian routine; in the middle of a sushi belt to please aesthetics; and in the corner of a living room as a “Fengshui” object. 


The hollow top is designed that the users could use it as toothbrush holder, a vase for flowers or anything creative, therefore minimizing the need for other bathroom accessories.  

Helsinki:A Faucet Closed to Nature


DesignConcept:Inspired by streams from the Finnish woods, ‘Helsinki’ evokes sense and sensibilities of nature. The balanced and modern form was deliberately designed to avoid any gimmicks of “organic” shapes.  Yet by cutting a crisp and elegant strip along the opening, ‘Helsinki’ highlights the texture of naturally flowing water, subtly transports users to nature.


The unique design of the spout makes the water flow natural and beautiful

Fit:One-Key Operate Angle Valve


DesignConcept:It is one-key operate angle valve. The function of regulating water flow is barely used, thus its one-key button can avoid needless operations. The hose connector can sway back and  forth 10°to ensure enough room for the installation of hose. Black coupled with white,and simple geometric modeling coupled with stainless steel,which abandons needless design and seeks the best match.


Move 10°forth, Increase much more operating space

It is worth mentioning that, Equatre Faucet and Fit Angle Valve also won iF design award 2016. Bravat believes the power of originality, and does show it.


▲Bravat ”Affability” Faucet, the winner of reddot design award 2015, meeting different water demands in daily life. The nozzle can be pulled out, and both spray mode & bubble mode are available.

▲The design of Deri hand-free cup filler is inspired by the “Seesaw”. It applies the lever principle to revolutionize the users-experience of cup filler. It won the reddot design award 2015.

Forecast:the Reddot design award night, where the winners will be duly celebrated, will take place on  4th July  in Essen . Let’s wait and see that glamorous moment!

About Reddot  


The Red Dot Design Award is an international product design and communication design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. The Product Design competition has existed since 1954. Its award, the Red Dot, is an internationally recognised quality seal. Winning products are presented in the Red Dot Design Museum on the premises of the historical Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen. 

Red Dot:Best of the Best 
The Red Dot:Best of the Best is awarded for groundbreaking design and is the top prize in the Red Dot Award:Product Design.This prize is reserved for the best products in a category.
Red Dot 
The Red Dot is the prize for high design quality.The international jury only awards this soughtafter seal of quality to projects that set themselves apart significantly from comparable projects thanks to their excellent design.
Honourable Mention
The Honourable Mention is provided by the Red Dot jurors for a particularly well-executed aspect of design work.Products which impress with a well-thought=out detail solution are awarded this honourable mention.