• Zhuhai Showroom

    By using different flooring, each functional area is distinguished. With the product display in perfect order, Zhuhai showroom is featured with elegance and concise. Being gorgeous as well as simple,

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  • Taiwan Showroom

    Featured with the perfect combination of fashion and simple, the products are displayed in different areas marked by concise lines according to their functions. Beautiful flowers bring colorful and em

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  • Shanghai Showroom

    Adopting the design elements of products, Bravat’s unique style has been continued in Shanghai showroom. The abundant use of linear design reflects the beauty of geometry. With the light and shade, th

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Bathroom concept from Bravat

Bathroom concept

People who know life,pay more time in bathroom.

People who know enjoyment,pay more thoughts in bathroom.

People who know fun,pay more space for bathroom.

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